Hi everyone.

This month I am pleased to announce that TVAM has a new Run Report Form (RRF). The old form had been around for quite a number of years and had received only minor updates over that period. Also, it did not accurately reflect the same marking categories or grades seen on the IAM Examiner’s Test Report. So, with that in mind, it has been overhauled while still maintaining the general look and feel that you are all familiar with. Let’s look at what has changed:

CO Jul-14 pic1The first thing you will notice is the old rating of A–E has been replaced by grades 1-5. We’ve also added a description to explain what each number means, with 1 meaning Excellent and 2 meaning Good etc.

CO Jul-14 pic2
The marking for each category has also changed to match the Examiner’s Test Report with the old Plus / Ave / Minus being replaced by scores of 1 to 5.

CO Jul-14 pic3Safety, as always, is the number one priority so this section stays at the top of the new form. You can see that grades 1 and 2 are shaded for each item, and indicate the scores you should be aiming for prior to taking your test.

CO Jul-14 pic4The old sections called Progress and Speed have been replaced with a new section called Riding Style. It contains most of the items from the two old sections but also includes many of the items from the Examiner’s Test Report that were not mentioned before, such as Slow Riding and Eco-Riding.

The sections for Bends, Overtakes and Junctions have all been retained although they have been placed in a different sequence.


Safe riding everyone.

Andy Wedge
Chief Observer