As I write this the first shoots of Spring seem to be struggling with a chill wind blowing down from the Arctic and more threats of snow! Hopefully by the time you read this, Spring will have finally sprung, it will be warmer, the sun will be shining and we’ll all be out on our bikes (or maybe not!).

TVAM already has a huge programme of events planned for the coming year, with something for everyone. A quick flick through the last edition of Slipstream showed over 37 events between March and June, with more going in each month.

I wanted to showcase two of our training activities. The 21-23 April sees the first of our 7Ws trips to Wales this year. And it will be run again later in the year. 7Ws is designed for all Club members and particularly for those that have not experienced a weekend away on their motorcycle before. For Associates, it’s an ideal opportunity to receive some intensive coaching through observed rides, both on the ride over to Wales and while there; for Green team members, a chance to hone their advanced riding skills; and for Observers, a chance to enjoy some of the finest roads and scenery Great Britain has to offer. Above all, 7Ws is a chance to enjoy some great company with like-minded people and to share the day’s riding stories over dinner. Feedback has been incredibly positive and we are always keen to hear how we might make it even better. As Observers have to work, the Club – rightly – subsidises the cost for them a little.

The second shout out goes to the individual local team T-Runs – the ‘T’ being for Training. These offer another opportunity for Associates to receive some intensive coaching from their local Observers and Salli explains all on page 22.

While on the subject of training and with the start of the new riding season being a great time to brush up on your knowledge, how much of the Highway Code do you still remember? How many of you have updated your copy with the new one? (It’s available online too: What about your knowledge of the Advanced Rider Course (ARC), Motorcycle Roadcraft and motorcycle control? TVAM has a couple of online quizzes to help test your knowledge… when did you last give them a try? They are available via the Wiki here: Level 1 is designed to test your knowledge of the Highway Code and Road Signs and Level 2 adds in Roadcraft and the Advanced Rider Course. They are ideal if you are an Associate preparing for your advanced test or an Observer about to undertake your validation or re-validation.

Over the past six years there have been 2,216 attempts at Level 1 (that’s an average of 369 attempts per year) scoring an average of 84% and 1,568 attempts at Level 2 (average of 261 attempts per year) scoring an overall average of 82%. Pretty good!

The numbers of you attempting the quizzes this year are down, so if you haven’t yet had a go then please do give it a try. And if you’ve not had a go for a while, now is a good time to have another go, as both quizzes have been updated to include the latest Highway Code changes.

Safe riding!

Adrian Ellison
Chief Observer