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What training do we provide?

Personal Coaching

Our IAM RoadSmart qualified coaches/Observers will guide you through the Advanced Rider Course to qualify as an Advanced Rider. You can choose between taking the Advanced Test or building a portfolio of riding with your Observer to qualify.
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Urban Riding

Riding in urban traffic can be challenging. Multiple hazards develop quickly and the Advanced Rider knows how to prioritise whilst maintaining a safety bubble. Bus lanes, pedestrian crossings, filtering - these all have specific rules of the road that Advanced Motorcyclists know about.
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The Open Road

Riding the open road is what we all love. However your positioning around a bend can place you in danger, particularly if you take the 'racing line', apexing corners. We'll teach you a much safer, smoother and quicker way to take bends.
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The Limit Point

Where should you be looking when riding? Do you know what the Limit Point is and how to use it? Advanced Riders use this to govern their speed balanced with other road conditions. And no, it's not the point at which you fall off.
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Bikers do far more overtakes than cars, simply because they're more agile. We'll show you how to plan overtakes so you do them safely, don't upset those around you, and probably do many more on a day out. It's all in the planning...
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Your TVAM Journey

From Taster Ride to Advanced Rider and maybe becoming a qualified coach/Observer, TVAM can develop your riding. You'll join a vibrant community of bikers of all levels, on all types of machines, enjoying each other's company and building memories that make lasting friendships.
  1. Free Taster Ride

    Still not sure? Request a Taster Ride or come along to our monthly meeting and go out for a free assessed ride.
  2. Advanced Rider Course

    You join TVAM by buying the Advanced Rider Course with which you get unlimited coaching + one year's membership
  3. Qualify as an Advanced Rider

    When you qualify as an Advanced Rider you become a Full Member of both TVAM and IAM RoadSmart.
  4. Enjoy being a Full Member

    Enjoy club rides/tours or the popular additional riding courses we run, or train to become an Observer yourself.
TVAM is the best place I've been to for advanced biking, the team and members are brilliantly knowledgeable and enthusiastic! Very welcoming bunch! I've improved my biking a hundred fold over the year I've been with them.

Alistair James

Great instructors, invaluable teaching, learning and experiences. Best money I ever spent!

Wisdom Da Costa

The largest active membership of an IAM affiliated club. Safety first, but no pipe & slippers here. A wide variety of bike types, a wide range of activities, a wide variety of interests. If you know you're not expert, join to learn how to improve.

Steve Mason

TVAM is a vibrant and welcoming association in which you can learn advanced riding at your own pace. Run by volunteers who have a wealth of experience and knowledge. Why pay to be taught advanced riding when you join TVAM and make friends whilst learning a skill for life.

Daniel Green

Best bike club out there. Enhanced my riding skills beyond my imagination.

Mel Hakhnazarian

Some of our additional courses



TVAM's own Look Lean Roll course helps riders develop their cornering skills. Held on private roads, your confidence builds during the day with coaches on-hand to enable you to look ahead into a corner, lean the bike over, and then roll on the throttle.



Due to our size, TVAM is able to hire the Castle Combe track for the day to enable members to develop their road riding skills in the safety and security of a track environ-ment. These are not track days but an opportunity to hone your road riding skills.



Want to do more of your bike's maintenance? Change the oil, filter, brake pads or maybe fault finding? Our Bike Maintenance course gives you hands-on tuition through the tasks you can do at home and helps save you money.

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