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Had a great day and learned heaps. All the volunteers where very positive and friendly. This made it so more relaxing. A big thank you to all the staff who gave up there Sunday morning to help us be a better rider. Marvellous !!!!  
KarenLook Lean & Roll

I just want to add my thanks for all the organisation that must have gone into this. I have had an amazing weekend. I have learned a lot and feel my riding has improved, which has also boosted my confidence as well.

Yesterday I decided to join the Green Team B Run. What a super ride-out, ably led by Rick Watson, and back marked by Sid Collyer. We rode down lovely back roads for mile after mile, with no pressure to speed and no need to map read. We ended up at the recently refurbished Nelsons’ Diner, and I had the best bacon sandwich ever! Thanks to all involved.
John WheelerSt. Crispin's Sunday Green Team Social Run

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Have you done your POWDERY checks?

Some good advice from the IAM if you haven’t used your bike in a while

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The TVAM is not just about being an advanced rider, we love our bikes. So let’s see some photos of your ride

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Advanced riding a big part of what we do. But what does it mean to you?

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