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Thanks for putting the course on. It’s always good to learn and there were a number of new things that I took away. It was a good re-enforcement of the IAM and police handbooks.  I liked the MiB stuff and it was useful to play with the turning circles and lean angles on the toy bikes which re-enforced the theory. Likewise the bicycle wheel also re-enforced the theory. The objectives and content of the course are very similar to the police bike safe course which is structured as half a day of theory and a few hours of practising what you have learnt. That worked well for me and I think that you could condense the content or change the pace to do something similar.
Ian RobinsonBikeCraft

A superb day, really built on existing skills, having great fun at the same time.
Colin FellLook Lean & Roll

At risk of sounding tediously repetitive, many thanks to all those involved who made this a great weekend. However, unlike Simon’s memorable dressing down on the first night – “you know who you are, you know what you did, enough said, don’t do it again” – I do ask for all our sakes that you DO please do it again because in my view the 7Ws weekends encapsulate all that is good at TVAM.

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There are still plenty of beautiful, sunny autumnal days to get out on your bike. So how about improving your riding – whatever time of year, it’s never too late to do something about it. However long you’ve been on two wheels, there’s always room for..

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Thames Vale Advanced Motorcyclists (TVAM)

Many thanks – 900 of you like our page – let’s get to 1,000!

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As the evenings draw in and we change the clocks to signal that summer time has ended at the end of the month, there are still bright and sunny autumnal days to get out on your bike. So plenty of time to think about and improve your bike handling and..

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