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I cannot recommend this course enough. I ride through Pirbright bends everyday, and manage the corners competently with only the occasional “OMG” moment. I rode through them again today, putting my new knowledge into practice, and had a great ride – not just quicker, but I felt much more confident and more importantly, had the knowledge that if something did go wrong, I would know what to do. I had a great day yesterday, and I can’t thank you and the other volunteers enough, especially as there are so many of you willing to help us. It was a well run course, and you were all very generous in imparting your knowledge and experience with newer riders. I feel that all the feedback and tips will improve my riding, and it was really great to learn this in a safe environment. I hope to do the course again, to really cement these techniques into my everyday riding to make me a safer rider. Hopefully, next time, I can do it in bad weather – after all, this is England. All in all, the course was an absolute bargain when I think about what I gained in terms of knowledge and confidence, and I would have no hesitation in recommending the course to any rider.
CorrineLook Lean & Roll

The explanation of the physics of a bike cornering was the best explanation I have encountered of a surprisingly difficult subject.

All in all a fantastic way to get to know the bike, and to receive some excellent feedback and encouragement.  The counter-steering ‘workshop’ was very useful, and definitely a good starting point.  I was also very impressed with the way the course was laid out for the practice bends.  A nice mix of tight and sweeping bends, and at no point did I feel over-crowded on the track, despite the fact that it must be tempting to accept a larger number of people as you must get a lot of people who want to attend. If there is one negative point I could volunteer, it’s that half a day is not enough – just as I was beginning to grasp the concept of counter steering and applying it to the course, it was all over!  I can , however, appreciate that the volunteers probably would like some free hours in their weekend, so it’s just a minor point! Thanks again!
Marije (on the Red Triumph Sprint)Look Lean & Roll