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Thanks to you and all of the team for organising and presenting the day – it’s obvious that a mass of work has gone into the preparation. Overall, a very worthwhile event that kept me engaged for the whole day. All club members can benefit from this – associates, full members & observers. The interactive style and discussion generated was great. I found Howie’s stuff on visual perception really interesting & a useful insight into possible reasons for other road user’s behaviour. I also enjoyed the discussions around videos and photos of riding situations. The stuff on bike mechanics was very good and thought provoking too – I’ve now looked up my wheelbase & trail dimensions! I think it’s quite right for this course to concentrate on what all this means to us as riders, rather than dwelling too much on the maths.

I am very much a novice biker although am keen to gain as much information, as I can in order to progress. I found this course very helpful, in particular the principles of overtaking and steering through corners. I have done LLR but this review built on that learning and understanding. I got a bit lost on the physics bit but still all good learning! Many thanks to you and your colleagues for an enjoyable day.

Just wanted to thank everyone involved on the Look, Lean and Roll course yesterday. Even though I know about counter-steering and have been practising Look, Lean and Roll myself during the Observer rides, the ability to listen to the trainers and practise it in a safe environment was invaluable. I learnt so much and gained a huge amount of confidence in both my cornering ability and my bike. Probably the best £40 I have spent on biking and I’ll be doing it every spring after dodgy winter riding to keep my skills honed. Thanks again – really appreciate everyone giving up their morning to help organise and run the course,  
Richard IvesLook Lean & Roll