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All in all a fantastic way to get to know the bike, and to receive some excellent feedback and encouragement.  The counter-steering ‘workshop’ was very useful, and definitely a good starting point.  I was also very impressed with the way the course was laid out for the practice bends.  A nice mix of tight and sweeping bends, and at no point did I feel over-crowded on the track, despite the fact that it must be tempting to accept a larger number of people as you must get a lot of people who want to attend. If there is one negative point I could volunteer, it’s that half a day is not enough – just as I was beginning to grasp the concept of counter steering and applying it to the course, it was all over!  I can , however, appreciate that the volunteers probably would like some free hours in their weekend, so it’s just a minor point! Thanks again!
Marije (on the Red Triumph Sprint)Look Lean & Roll

What a fabulous weekend! Amazing weather, fabulous rides and lovely people in Gods own country. Huge thanks to Lou and Steve for the organisation, Steve and Ian for such brilliant runs and Dawn and Candice for being the best room-mates. :-*

Brilliant course all round Jackie and for me invaluable and I will probably do it again just for fun! (feel free to feed that back to TVAM!). Thank you so much for all of your communications and your support on the day (as you know I was hideously nervous!). I know this will make a massive improvement to my riding skills so looking forward to putting it into place.
NessLook Lean & Roll

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RIDEUP SCHEME LAUNCHED BY TVAM We have just launched our ‘RideUP’ scheme to sponsor 25 young riders through to their Motorcycle Advanced Test. The aim of the scheme is to reduce accident and injuries to the most vulnerable group of riders who are young,..

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