The 2015 Observer Weekend will be held on 5th – 7th June at the Metropole Hotel in Llandrindod Wells.

This year we have a slight change in format planned which I hope you will enjoy.

Previously, we have spent Saturday mornings talking about Observer related activities and then gone out onto the roads in the afternoon. Following feedback, we have decided to reduce the chat and give everyone more time to practice their riding skills on those lovely Welsh roads (it’s all training isn’t it? ).

Our plan is to have a chat up to a coffee break, and then head out. This means that:

– There will be no buffet lunch on Saturday as in previous years
– There will be more time on the road
– The price for each Observer/Trainee Observer has been reduced to just £75 (from £99 last year).

I do hope you’ll be able to attend and this year. I’ll be the de-mob happy chap sitting at the back this time 🙂

For those who have not been to an Observer Weekend before, we tend to travel up in small(ish) groups on the Friday (June 5th) and meet in the hotel bar in the evening. Some people leave early and others at different times during the day. Just post a message on the Forum or email your local groups to find out who is travelling when.

We also have embroidered t-shirts and polo shirts priced at £18 and £25 respectively.

Rooms and merchandise can be booked via the webshop.