I wanted to officially thank all 130+ people who volunteered to undertake the various marshalling duties on the 28th annual Reading Toy Run event held on the 8th of December.

I know that some of you had medical issues, bike issues, some travelled great distances, some had wanted a year off and others had put aside very personal issues to come out and support this charity event.

It’s no mean feat that the Toy Run goes as smoothly as it does because of the dedication shown by those such as yourselves. And without that level of commitment the run simply wouldn’t happen.

A big thank you goes to Andy Gardiner, Steve Mason and Steve Harris, who all stepped up to their new challenges this year. Further thanks goes to Lyn, Yvonne, Steve M, Robina, the Heralds, the Servs and all the (orange) Traffic Trained Marshals.

Finally, to all volunteer Toy Run marshals, on behalf of myself, Ben and Jane Spiller, Sean Stillman, Barnardos High Close School and the several thousand grateful children who will have a better 2013 Christmas…

…thank you, have a great Christmas and a safe New Year.

Garry Andrews
Chief Marshal

Thanks to Richard Clauson for this set of images