Happy New Year to all our club members.

The majority of club members join TVAM with the aim of learning new skills, gaining confidence and finding some like-minded people to go riding with. Having attained their initial goal, many have stayed on to help others and to join in the fun.
I recently went around the club and asked a variety of people what they liked most about the club. The overwhelming response was that it was the camaraderie, banter and sharing time with their friends. One, in particular, gave special mention to Ken Jeddere-Fisher (who kindly organises runs and trips for all club members) for having brought him and his, now, wife together. Thanks Ken.

Have you made any plans for 2014?

You can rely on TVAM members to provide a few interesting activities and a couple of those ‘I really should do’ courses.
Last year I managed four trips to Wales, one to Spain, helped a few people through riding, coaching and cross-checking and attended a few meetings.

Already I have been blessed that one of my friends has rallied some people with similar riding styles together for a long weekend riding. Yay!

Currently I’m busy route planning my next social ride for the club. The hardest bit is to plot petrol stations and indoor eateries that are appropriate (fast, cheapish, provide tasty food with places to put jackets and helmets) and close-ish to some interesting roads that I have found. The result gives me huge satisfaction when others tell me how much they enjoyed their day out.

How about you? Have you offered to plan a ride or organise a trip yet? Perhaps others are waiting for you….

Perhaps you have got a new gadget to try. Please share your experience on the web forum and in Slipstream.

Some people plan a long way ahead. I know one member enjoyed the Toy Run so much, she has bought her outfit for the next Christmas Toy Run (I am not naming names) – Wow, how fantastic is that?
Paperwork: The annual accounts not only provide the factual report of our club’s state of affairs, we make it much more interesting. So it includes all the leaders’ fun pieces to let you know about some of the key events. By the time you get to read this, the annual report will hopefully be in the library, on the website for all signed up members to download.

Take care, have fun, and start doing those household chores now in order to earn Brownie points for use in nicer weather.

Safe riding