Welcome to the (slightly) newer TVAM website

Wider pages

There’s a change to the look in that the “industry standard” webpage now caters for an audience that has larger screens. Statistics show that although 50% of users had screens that were 1024×768 or smaller (2011), this now accounts for less than 20% of users – the vast majority using screens that are 1366×768 (most laptops) or 1920×1080 (desktops). The original site was beginning to look a little narrow on the larger screens so we have adjusted the baseline to a width of 1250 pixels. This has also allowed use of a slightly larger font (14pt from 13pt).

Latest Views

This has been available for a few weeks now. It represents a “TVAM Blog” and is designed for comment rather than “news”. Contributions should be sent to committee@tvam.org for inclusion. This content is public.


These appear on the Home Page and are selected from the feedback that we receive from our courses and events. The content is selected at random from the list – if you hover over the text it will freeze to allow reading of the longer entries. This content is public.


This is brand new and we welcome the 7Ws team to the website. We have incorporated the content from the www.7xws.co.uk site and included Lou’s blog. This content is visible to TVAM members only.

Your Committee (Mugshots)

New in the Members’ Area is a page containing photos of the members of the committee.