Insights into Advanced Motorcycling – Complete Edition


Complete Edition – revised and updated.

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Riding a motorcycle on today’s roads is challenging and not without its risks. IAM RoadSmart’s Advanced Rider Course, delivered by it’s Local Groups across the UK, is recognised as a leading course on how to ride smoothly and safely.

This new edition combines the original Insights Into Advanced Motorcycling Parts 1 & 2 into a complete volume for any rider wanting to understand advanced riding techniques and is designed to accompany the Advanced Riding Course Handbook.


Profits from club sales of this publication go to TVAM.

Price includes postage.

About the Author

Andy Slater is an IAM RoadSmart and IMI certified National Observer and holds an IAM RoadSmart ‘Masters’ qualification with Distinction for motorcycles.

He has served as Chairman of Thames Vale Advanced Motorcyclists (TVAM) which is affiliated to IAM RoadSmart.