So two months into my role as your Chair, what’s happening?From-the-Chair-571x480

It’s the time of the year when many of us are able to spend some time, or even more time riding our bikes.

Some of our TVAM courses run throughout the year, some are seasonal, but all are key to delivering who we are and what our members need. They are designed to share knowledge and skills that otherwise take years, and occasionally a bad experience, to learn. Please enjoy them, and pass on thanks to those who devise and run them, or coordinate bookings. A couple of newer options have been devised for your enjoyment, the Pillion Course and the Class of Better Biking.

Communication from the IAM Region 2 Forum

The IAM has 92,000 members in 217 groups , of which 12,000 are motorcyclists, and 5,000 do both car and bike. The majority of members who stay in the IAM are 40+ years old.

Only 20,000 members (22%) are in groups like TVAM. Bikers are far more likely to stay on socially or actively supporting their club.

There were 4,000 test passes last year, spread across all age groups, but still dominated by the 45-55’s.

The full presentation for those that like detail is on the TVAM website in the library, general files.

One member of the Forum has agreed to collate all the rider report forms so that we can compare them. I’ve already seen the form from Oxford, and I think it could be an interesting exercise.

Portsmouth City Council have bought a set of Skills for Life packages and are offering them at half price. Slough Council do something similar. If you know anyone who could influence other councils then please see if they can help us, as this will make it cheaper and therefore help associates to join.

Do you want to improve your IAM assessment grades? Do you like tests? You can retake the test perhaps with the view on trying to get a ‘F1RST ‘pass, scoring a 1 in every category.

Communication in TVAM

Not getting what you need, not getting your voice heard, want to share a brilliant idea? Generally, it’s best to go to your team leader. Talk to them and your team, and they will then share concepts, solutions, issues, your activities and plans with the other team leaders every other month. Ideas, or issues that need funding, discussions or decisions then go on to the committee. Clearly, there are a wide variety of groups of people in TVAM and their views may contradict, so what is a solution for some could cause an issue for others, but just because it’s difficult doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be discussed.

Not in a group? Then consider forming one. Please chat to me.

Did you know?

There is such a thing as black ‘Hi-Vis’?  Have a look at the gilets from Two zero; interesting concept?

Got £100m to spare to help others in your club? Consider buying the Nurburgring and hold special bike days!

Charon Willis