Do you, like us, love motorcycling and, equally, want to help tackle climate change?

How would it feel to know that your passion for riding is directly funding projects that draw down CO2 levels in the air and improve the environment?

Motorcycle Offsetters are leading the way by taking action to turn riding into a force that helps give the planet a fighting chance.

Motorcycle Offsetters are introducing Carbon Negative Riding. By purchasing carbon offsets over and above what is needed to neutralise your CO2 emissions, your investment pulls more CO2 out of the atmosphere than you emit. In short, you leave things better than you found them.

How This Works

When you purchase carbon offsets, your money is spent on projects that, in various ways, improve the natural environment and reduce CO2 levels in the atmosphere. Carbonzero is our partner and offset provider. They are an award-winning, leading provider of high-calibre Canadian and international carbon offsets. Find out more about how your investment funds our project portfolio on the website at

Your Questions Answered

Q: What is a carbon offset?

A: A carbon offset is a way to compensate for emissions by funding an equivalent CO2 reduction or saving elsewhere

Q: What does carbon negative mean?

A: Going “carbon negative” means that the rider purchases carbon offsets over and above what is needed to neutralise the CO2 footprint arising from his/her motorcycle riding. The incremental cost to the rider to do so is minimal, but the cumulative effect of millions of riders doing so can be astounding.

Motorcycle Offsetters has been set up and is run by TVAM member Andreas Gneist. If you’d like to offset your riding, either on a single trip, for a group ride or annual basis, then head over to and you can input your motorcycle and purchase the relevant carbon offsets.

First published in Slipstream November 2021