Many of you will know Rapid Training as a provider of advanced motorcycle riding and that we have had a close relationship with them for many years, not least because we use Rapid to develop our Observers’ riding skills.

Rapid Training is undergoing a transformation in the training that they offer and the coaching skills that go with this. They are getting a much wider range of riding experiences for their coaches and they are even sponsoring a BSB team to learn from their track riding skills.

We have been working with Rapid Training to develop our Observer riding skills package, and Rapid Training has also developed some track skills sessions – one of which, on 13th October, they offered to TVAM members at a discounted rate. We are continuing to develop these riding skills packages with them, and hope to be able to offer more dedicated sessions for TVAM members later this year.

Continuing the focus on training, many of you have asked about our cornering skills course, Look, Lean, Roll (LLR). Pressure on bike testing meant that the DVSA withdrew our access to the motorcycle manoeuvring areas, where we ran the course, meaning that we had no venue. We have been working to secure another venue and, whilst we’re not quite there yet, we are well advanced with a potentially great venue, and we hope to have this in place for our LLR courses next year.

We’re also about to announce the first step in the revision of our Associate Training Programme. This first step will equip all Associates with a record card that will provide them, and Observers, with a concise record of their training and development plans. Once we have this in place, we hope to enhance the programme further with better tracking and learning.

The weather is obviously on the change and the evenings are drawing in earlier, meaning that the potential for evening social runs is much reduced. There is lots going on, though, and we’re booking plenty of cross checks, advanced tests, advanced plus rides and there are many social rides still being organised through local teams, so please take advantage of the opportunities for riding and further development. Some of the initial exuberance that we saw with the return to riding is being tempered and riding standards are being maintained – please keep this up, especially as the weather deteriorates and skills become more important.

We are now back at St. Crispin’s for our regular monthly meeting. It’s great to see everyone there and we will continue to make adjustments as required to keep people safe. If you’re able, please
come along for an observed ride or a social ride and celebrate what a great club we are.

Hope to see you on ride out sometime soon.

Best wishes

Chris Brownlee
Chief Observer