Due to some unforeseen circumstances in my working life, I’m afraid that I need to step down as leader of the Green Team. Alan Hudson has kindly agreed to take over and Nick Edgley will remain as deputy. I do feel that I am letting the club down by ending my role sooner than I would have liked, but equally I know I will no longer have the time to dedicate to it that is required, and I wouldn’t like to do a half-hearted job!

Since taking over the Green Team, we have managed to review and revise the Meet and Greet process, improve the runs going out of St Crispin’s, introduce social team liaisons, rotate the monthly socials around the social teams, create a chat and breakfast ride for new test passers and raise the importance of continued training for full members.  All of this of course was achieved by the many volunteers that get involved to make the club what it is.

Alan Hudson

I would like to thank Alan for being so understanding and picking up the reins, Steve for his continued support, all the volunteers for their time and effort and of course the whole of the Green Team and Committee for giving me this opportunity.

Kind regards

Sarah Chandler