Continuing our Rider’s Rides! Each month we feature a TVAM member and their bike, talk about why they chose that model, what they use it for, as well as what they like and dislike about it. Want to see your bike featured? Get in touch at

This month we have John Rodda and his mighty BMW Tourer.

And which flavour of Bavarian boxer do we have here then?

This is my BMW R1200RTLE.

Did it replace an existing bike, or is this an addition to your garage?

The RT replaces my previous bike, a BMW R1200GS Adventure Triple Black. I prefer the weather protection, ride comfort and seating position of the RT. I’ve had a fair number of these models in the past, so I knew what to expect.

My Uncle has a similar love affair with the boxer. Did you consider anything else, say a K1600?

I looked at BMW’s S1000XR – but only briefly. I’ve owned a K1600 and an R1200GS in the past. Both are excellent machines, but the RT seems to suit my purposes particularly well.

How so?

Great comfort, load capacity, fuel range and amazing handling for a machine of this size and weight. The RT also has great presence on the road, and therefore is a little more likely to be seen than smaller sports bikes.

Which dealer delivered this one to you?

BMW Bahnstormer in Maidenhead.

And would you recommend them to other TVAM members?

Yes, plenty of TVAM customers use Bahnstormer already, and are offered a discount on clothing and accessories.

Good to know! The bike looks stock, but have you got any modifications I missed?

I’ve installed a Roadhawk bullet camera tucked almost out of sight on the front fairing, which records witness footage on a continuous loop whenever the bike ignition is turned on.

Sneaky! What sort of riding do you do/plan on doing with this bike?

Anything and everything, from observed rides with my associate to an upcoming tour of France and adjacent countries, as well as motorcycle marshalling on cycle races and other events with the National Escort Group.

Is this different from the sort of riding/trips you used your previous bikes for?

Not really. My motorcycles are part of daily life – not just as transport, but for coaching, tour leading and leisure too.

Anything amiss with your new bike so far?

Nothing much. My previous RT suffered with condensation in the instrument panel, but my current machine is fine so far. Previous experiences with the dealer have always been positive whenever I’ve had a problem, so if anything crops up I know I’ll be looked after.

Overall then, no regrets?

I’m absolutely delighted to be back on an RT. It seems to be the bike that suits me best out of all I’ve ridden, and as an added bonus this version is so far returning more than 60mpg!


Nick Tasker was talking to John Rodda earlier this summer.

First published in Slipstream October 2018