August’s monthly meeting at St Crispin’s was followed by the Slow Riding and Sausage Fest in the afternoon. The sun came out and it was great to see all 100 of the tickets sold for the food and a queue of riders willing to take on the slow riding course for the delight of those watching. The level of skill on display was admirable, with a number completing the course without putting a foot down, and a few riders even taking it to the next level by riding with pillion on board! The results will be announced at this month’s St Crispin’s with suitable prizes for those who shone through on the day.

You may be aware of the short articles that have been appearing in Slipstream over the past 6 months on aspects of Advanced Riding. The intention was the series would be just for the summer to help those working towards their test. However, having declared that last month’s was the last, we’ve received so much positive feedback that the series will continue for a few more months. This time we look at when it may be better to use a ‘momentum’ rather than a ‘3-stage’ overtake. If you have an aspect of riding you’d like to see discussed in these pages then email Salli at with your idea or question and we’ll try to cover it.

Over 40 of us have just got back from the David Jacobi Mullenborn weekend in Germany. What a fitting memory it was to our past Chairman to see all those smiling faces and hear the tales of exploits on the wonderful roads around the Nurburgring. A few even ventured onto the ring despite it pouring down with rain that evening. Thankfully most of us stayed dry on the road, and had a great time. Germany is now looking to be a much more biker-friendly destination than France with few speed cameras, no environment zones and a national speed limit that remains at 90km/hour – something to bear in mind when planning next year’s adventures.

Probably the most valuable component on a bike is the rider. As upsetting as it can be when damaged, everything else on the bike is probably insured and repairable. However, the rider is a little more complex to repair and spares are not always available from the maker. As part of the pre-ride checks for an Observed ride, or indeed your test, you’re asked to run through the check you do on your bike. But how many of us run through the check list for ourselves before riding? I AM SAFE is an acronym that appears in Roadcraft but few of us actually apply it. This self-aware checklist is particularly applicable when on longer trips when you may be riding longer distances than you may be used to, over a number of days in succession, and possibly you had a few drinks to un-wind the night before. Take a read and bear in mind that TVAM Run Leaders do have the discretion to ask any rider to show they are fit and able to join a club ride. Lack of sleep, the effects of residual alcohol from the night before, or even medication, can all affect how fit we are to ride with colleagues. We owe it to each other to remain safe.

Have fun on your bike as this long summer continues.

BTW – I hear rumours that manufacturers are announcing their 2019 bikes soon – something to look forward to.