As I write this, the sun is streaming down with the forecast set to be fine for the next week, the temperature is 24 degrees, and yes, I’m actually in Berkshire. My Facebook notifications are full of TVAM member posts as they travel around Europe and the UK having adventures, so the riding season is in full swing. (Funny how many are pictures of food though!).

Last Thursday I was part of the TVAM Skills Day at Thruxton. These are days on which to hone your riding in an environment where the traffic is all going the same way and there’re no nasty lorries or cars to get in the way of you making progress. The day concentrates on building confidence in your cornering abilities through accuracy and smoothness. It’s not about flat-out speed at all costs but developing skills and widening your envelope of experience about what your own bike is capable of. We were blessed with wall-to-wall blue skies and a gentle breeze to keep the heat down. I think all 70 riders found their own level across the three groups with everyone getting 1-1 coaching throughout the day from the TVAM track Instructors. In all it was a great display of what this club is capable of. Thanks to Pat Coneley and the IAM team for organising it. There’s another day arranged for 17th September so if you’ve not experienced a day at Thruxton get along to the web shop and register your interest, you’ll enjoy it.

This is the first month Slipstream our monthly club magazine is not at St Crispin’s to be collected as they are now posted out to everyone – except those who have opted to be electronic only. If you are one of the 150+ members for whom this is your first printed copy, welcome to your club’s shiny monthly magazine. Enjoy! The online version is still available on the website library if you can’t wait for the posted copy to drop through your letterbox.

The summer is finally here (I do hope it’s not raining in July, when you read this!) so get out on yer bike to enjoy the roads and company of TVAM friends.

Be safe and see you around,