Hi all, it’s been a busy month at TVAM with the annual Observer Weekend in Wales where we had 57 Observers and Trainee Observers attending. The Observer Weekend which is partially subsidised by the club has three objectives, these are:
Communication – An opportunity to meet and discuss observing issues outside of our own teams.
Training – We discussed and trialed a new Run Report Form based on the IAM RoadSmart Run Sheet.
Reward – Thanks for the investment in time and money that Observers give to coaching Associates.

Currently TVAM is using a Run Report Form that is not compliant with current IAM RoadSmart standards and our status as a charity could be challenged if we remain non-compliant.

Following the training session on Saturday morning we all went out observing each other and using the new form on the wettest day I can recall in Wales. One of the feedback points was that we make the new form waterproof! The Training Team will be finalising the form soon and we will run several Observer evenings to train our Observer corps on the changes.

I was pleased to welcome 5 Trainee Observers to Wales, the weekend is a great opportunity for Observers new and not-so-new to learn from each other.

We also ran another Core Skills Day in June, this is a full day of training for new TObs and the start of their journey towards validation as a Local Observer.

TVAM currently has 17 TObs and as the club continues to grow there is a consistent demand for new Observers. The training is comprehensive, challenging and very worthwhile. If you have ever thought that you might like to find out more about becoming an Observer please contact one of the Training Team.

There is one issue that I felt should be discussed at the weekend, this is the consumption of alcohol on club social trips and the potential impact on our riding the following day. This is a sensitive issue and one that is the responsibility of the individual, however, as a Road Safety charity we should try to raise the awareness of the risks. Many of us enjoy the recreational aspect of TVAM and social drinking is part of our culture. This not something that the Committee wish to police so we would ask that all members drink responsibly on club events. We will be looking to provide some training to raise the level of drink driving or riding awareness in the future.

On a more positive note I am pleased to report that I managed to achieve a distinction on my IAM RoadSmart Masters test recently, this brings the total Masters count in TVAM to 5 with 3 Masters Mentors – Andy Wedge, Pete Dalgliesh and myself. We have several more members in preparation for the test so hopefully the number of Mentors will increase and we can provide more support for those wishing to prepare for the test.

The Masters is quoted by the IAM as the highest civilian riding and driving standard. Please contact one of the Mentors if you would like to find out more.

Safe Riding

Pat Coneley

Chief Observer