Hi everyone,

So we’ve had fabulous weather for biking. Now what are you going to do? Are you going to ride less because it’s wetter, colder and darker?

  • Read your Roadcraft, or better still get someone else to provide salient points – if this sounds like a good idea go on a BikeCraft course.
  • Go on our new course that shows you how to use TYRE to plan a route, then step up and volunteer to lead a ride in 2015.
  • Apply for a new job? The IAM is recruiting for a new Chief Executive to replace Simon Best, who has just left this position.
  • Go to the Motorcycle Live. 22nd-30th November at the NEC Birmingham.
  • Carry on riding?

Do what you can to enjoy your time on the bike, and but please keep on applying all your skills to aid smooth riding, and apply good planning to avoid accidents. Why would I ask this of you? Well, of course it will reduce heartache, pain etc. plus it will help statistics. The knock on impact of this is it reduces reasons for groups like those communities in Wales, governments, DFT bodies such as Vulnerable Road Users and councils to consider reducing limits and reducing the places where national limits are currently applied. If you don’t need four wheels for work, then stay on two – reduce congestion and use fewer parking spaces. Apparently the Federation of European Motorcyclists Association says it is saves you money!

Charon Willis