7 verses, 7Ws and many, many thanks

Being somewhat deranged I stand often accused
And as I mature I become more confused
But it’s to the following who, last weekend,
I credit for ‘driving me right round the bend’!   (so to speak)

Thanks to the run leaders and back markers, too
My observers, James Spence, Andy Slater and Lou.
Thanks goes to Salli for enduring my snores
Which some guests complained could be heard between floors.

I left Friday morning, thinking I was prepared,
The engine was revving and no horsepower spared.
But I forgot some essentials whilst packing in haste
So thanks also to Ness for the tube of toothpaste.

I rode around Wales on my chrome-bedecked steed
The wind in my face and a yearning for speed.
The roads wound before me and, thanks-be to On High,
The mountains were majestic and the weather stayed dry.

With little ground clearance, my Harley rides low.
I straddled a manhole and what do you know!
I was marooned on a forecourt, and if I may say
Without Jez to my aid, I’d be there today!

As a familiar face in the crowd, my thanks goes to Stu
And for seeing me home, I’m grateful to “Drew”    (Peacock!).
Thanks to those with whom I sat down to dine
For the wonderful tales, the laughter, the wine.

Now, to the organisers – you know who you be –
A wild, wicked, wonderful 7Ws thank you from me.
Just a slight issue, there’s only one thing,
Where in the heck do I sign up for Spring?

Kathy Drogemuller