Hot summer days; I love them.  It must be five years since we had some repeatable dry, warm weather when we actually wonder whether we may be too warm with all this biking kit on.

But in the last three weeks I must have seen well over twenty riders with no gloves.  I agree wholeheartedly that comfort should be king.  I will consider swapping the leather trousers for some Kevlar jeans, but I will not go without my helmet, jacket (yes vents are good) and a decent pair of lightweight, vented leather gloves.

Think I’m being overly fussy?  Do you remember pulling grit out of raw-meat like hands when you fell-over running in the playground?  Well that was 10mph max.  Just imagine what 50mph would do!

Let’s  enjoy what’s left of the weather before we are all trying to work out how to plug in that heated kit.  So get those gloves on and have some fun.

Rick Gelaky