As the recently appointed “Club Historian” (OK, all I did was volunteer to gather and write up the history of TVAM for the “About Us” page on the website), I have here the first of many (I hope) contributions and am looking for info on this picture.

Basingstoke Advanced Motorcyclists Beech Hill Village Hall 1991

Kindly provided by Tony Roper, it shows a meeting of the “Basingstoke Advanced Motorcyclists”, sometime in summer 1991 at Beech Hill Village Hall.

If anyone recognises themselves, their friends, their bikes or their friend’s bikes, please let me know at or post a comment below.

More old photos and anecdotes required please!


Update: 29th May 2012 (from Robin Crane)

The Red Laverda RGS1000 that you can see in the drive (albeit obscured by someone admiring it!) is mine. I think the person who is obscuring it (back to camera) is Jan Janiurek, and it’s his Ducati (750 sport) which is parked tail to nose with my Laverda.

Just to the right of Jan, and to the right with purple-y top and hands in rear pockets I do believe is Jane Janiurek, Jan’s wife.

They were both Observers whilst I was Chief Observer.

The silver BMW “brick” on the left was Ian Garrard’s and has Bob Pearse leant over it looking at a map (black/red/white jacket) – and I think that’s Ian (that you can’t see!) next to him – I remember the grey top section of his jacket, which you can see . Bob was my assistant Chief Observer for a while…….

Behind and to the right of the Ducati is Nigel Fowler (in shirtsleeves) holding a notepad, with his son Mark and I’m pretty sure that’s me with dark glasses that he’s talking to (with the flash of blue/white something around neck). This is probably taken at a time when Nigel was still Chief Observer.