The first of a series of updates to the site took place today. This was mainly a “behind the scenes” update with new versions of WordPress (v3.3.1) and half a dozen plug-ins. As these are mostly bug-fixes, you won’t notice anything different.

New in 3.3.1 is an updated admin-bar (the dark grey menu bar across the top of the screen). This shows your name and login status with a drop down menu to update your profile or logout. If you registered with a gravatar, this will also show up here. If not, you get the default little blue button. The big black “Logout” button on the left hand menu has been removed.

An RSS Feed button has also been added in the main navigation menu bar. This will allow you to subscribe to the “Latest News” page and get notification of new posts:

RSS in your browser:

Click on the RSS button and add it to your browser subscriptions.

Outlook RSS Feeds (2007 on)

Paste the following link into your Outlook RSS Feeds folder (right click and select “Add a New RSS Feed…”)

Notifications are delivered to this folder as “emails”

Apple Computers

On an Apple computer, if using Mail, you can subscribe to the rss feed by using the + and choosing add RSS feed and inserting the url above.



Watch out for future functional updates