6. Advanced Riding and Beyond…

As a member you can join any, or all, of our social groups.The Green Team is there for you as a green badge holder, ready to advise on what is going on within the club, what’s available socially and what to do next. There’s a social run every St. Crispin’s that will allow you to ride out with like minded people without having an Observer following you everywhere(!)

You may wish to become an Observer yourself and to help others to pass their tests. This can be a very rewarding activity as you can be sure that by coaching motorcyclists to become better riders, you are improving their safety and skills.

TVAM has a membership of over 900 bikers, so it has a demand for new Observers all the time.  The club has a structured coaching programme to bring riders up to the standard to become a Local Observer. TVAM has a reputation for the highest standards for its Observers and is particularly proud of that.

Our Observers are experienced motorcyclists who have all reached the necessary standards to become an IAM Local Observer or National Observer. To help maintain Observer riding skill standards, TVAM uses Rapid Training, a training organisation operated by experienced Class One police riders.


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May 14, 2015