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Thursday 8th August 2019

We have only 48 spaces available for this date @ £120 per person

TVAM circuit skills days at Castle Combe are ideal for all levels of experience from cautious riders and circuit novices through to more experienced riders who’ve done circuit-based days before. This is the ideal opportunity to improve your riding skills in a safe and controlled environment, in the company of like-minded TVAM members. The day provides the opportunity to explore the acceleration, braking, leaning and steering capabilities of your motorcycle. At Castle Combe we provide our own Circuit Guides available for one to one assistance within the Novice groups, as well as an on-site Instructor for tuition in the Intermediate and Experienced groups.  In addition, we will set up a small course in the car park area where riders can practice positive steering and braking exercises. (Subject to availability on the day)

Think of the day as an observed ride on a smooth surface with elevation changes, slow corners, fast corners and technical corners that are tough to master. With the opportunity to experience each corner around 60 times during the day you will have lots of time to improve your skills. Because we restrict the numbers, we get lots more time on the track too.

Each 15-minute session is limited to 12 riders on the track, plus Circuit Guides, so there is plenty of space to work on improving confidence and skill levels without feeling crowded or intimidated.  As it’s a TVAM-exclusive event, the whole day is very relaxed with no pressure to over perform. Each group will have 7 sessions on track during the day.

There will be 4 groups based on experience:

  • Novice 1 (No circuit experience, cautious rider)
  • Novice 2 (Limited or no circuit experience, more confident rider)
  • Intermediate (Reasonable circuit experience)
  • Experienced (Multiple circuit experiences)

A photographer will be present on the day to capture your experience. (There is a fee for the photos if you want them)

There is a restaurant on site where breakfast is served to set you up for the day. Hot meals, sandwiches, crisps, chocolate bars, tea, coffee, cold drinks etc are available during the day. (Fee payable)

Spectators Welcome. Why not come along and see what it’s all about?

The important small print:

  • Only fully road legal bikes are allowed. So no ‘track’ bikes etc.
  • Racing and Lap Timing is strictly prohibited.
  • Bikes must be silenced to 105 Db. This test is a static sound check carried out at three quarters of your pre red line rev limit @ 0.5mtr  (It is advisable to have your bike checked as they are very strict and you will NOT be allowed to participate in the day if you fail the sound check) You can visit CC at any time during opening hours and they will be happy to test your bike for you. You can also check their website for a list of machines that typically fail the noise test. If you’re concerned about your bike noise, please get in touch and I’ll bring my noise meter to St. Crispin’s
  • Novice groups can wear leather or textile riding gear with CE protection. 1-piece or 2-piece zip-together leathers are required in the Intermediate and Experienced groups.

A TVAM-exclusive circuit-based skills day at Castle Combe is the ideal way to extend your understanding of your bike in a safe and controlled environment.  And as it’s exclusive to TVAM there’s no pressure or intimidation – it’s just have fun with your mates!

For further information please contact Dave Hepworth at 

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Castle Combe Dates 2019

Thursday 8th August 2019, Tuesday 18th June 2019

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