Insights into Advanced Motorcycling Part 1


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This 40 page colour booklet is intended to help bikers who have signed up the IAM RoadSmart Advanced Riding Course.

It describes in refreshing and frank ways the techniques riders with advanced training use on the road, and some they don’t – with the reasons why.

If you’ve ever wondered what’s involved in taking the IAM RoadSmart Advanced Motorcycle test, have already enrolled in the Advanced Rider Course as an Associate, or are working towards the IAM Masters, this booklet gives insights into what Examiners are looking for – and what they are not.

The Forward is by Shaun Cronin of IAM RoadSmart. 

Bringing advanced riding to life, a simple well written guide to getting the best from your riding.

Gary Baldwin

Rapid Training

Quite simply the best £5 you could spend on motorcycling…

The Armchair Biker

…provides the kind of distilled experience usually only available through an expensive course


Nick Houlton

Love Life & Ride

Insights is crammed full of tips such as:

  • Filtering – planning it, what’s legal and what’s not.
  • The differences between a 3 stage and momentum overtake.
  • Why the Limit Point governs your speed
  • The three phases of motorway riding.
  • Why touring is different from the commute.


About the author

Andy Slater is an IAM RoadSmart and IMI certified National Observer and holds an IAM RoadSmart ‘Masters’ qualification with Distinction for motorcycles.  He’s currently serving as Chairman of Thames Vale Advanced Motorcyclists (TVAM) which is affiliated to IAM RoadSmart.


Profits from club sales of this publication go to TVAM.