If you want to join the best advanced motorcycle club in the UK then just complete the Membership Application form below and click on “Send”. Once your form has been submitted, you will be directed to our Direct Debit partner (GoCardless) and asked to complete a Direct Debit Mandate. Once you have done this, TVAM will collect the appropriate joining fee and will use that mandate to collect renewals on the anniversary of your joining.

Alternatively, come along to the next St. Crispin’s meet and introduce yourself to the Welcome Team (bright red shirts!).

Take a look in the Calendar for the next meeting (opens in a new window).

TVAM Membership Application Form

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As a registered charity, TVAM can claim Gift Aid on your membership subscriptions if you are a UK taxpayer. Please tick this box if you are happy to allow TVAM to collect this from the government each year unless you advise otherwise.
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Please supply the reference number if you have already purchased an Advanced Rider Package direct from the IAM

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TVAM's Observers are all unpaid volunteers who, in the main, have to work in order to provide the service they do. To try to pair you with the most appropriate Observer, please indicate when you are more likely to be able to take part in observed rides?
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Finally, please read the following declaration and indemnity carefully:

I declare that:

  • I am aware that in order to remain a member of TVAM, my membership of the IAM must be maintained.
  • I am the holder of a valid current driving licence for the vehicle I am using, that I have appropriate insurance for the vehicle, either personally or via my employer and that the vehicle, if appropriate, has valid MOT and tax. I also confirm that these will be in place throughout the duration of my IAM course. I agree that I will produce my driving licence to an observer, examiner or IAM official if requested to do so and that they may prevent me taking any further part in IAM activities until I do so. I confirm that I am fit to drive or ride and not under the influence of any drug (including prescribed medication that may adversely affect my fitness to drive/ride). I will wear corrective eyewear while driving or riding if my eyesight requires it.
  • I am aware that I am responsible for all driving or riding decisions and I will make my Observer/Examiner or Trainer aware if I become distracted. I agree that any advice/direction given will require my diligence to be applied safely. lf I have any doubt I will ask for clarification before following the advice/direction.
  • I will abide by TVAM rules as laid down in the Articles and Memorandum of Association.
  • I understand the details given will be held on a computer database for company and IAM use.
  • I understand that I must meet the IAM's eligibilty criteria at time of taking the Advanced Test.
  • I understand that as a member of Thames Vale Advanced Motorcyclists, in the unlikely event that TVAM is wound up, I will be liable to pay the sum of £1.00
  • I understand that participation on any TVAM event will be at my own risk.
  • Renewal payments for TVAM will be made by Direct Debit processing.
  • I am over 18 years of age.

Finally, check this box to confirm acceptance of TVAM Membership T&Cs

Thank you. Now press "Send" and you will be redirected to our Direct Debit partner (GoCardless); here you will be asked to complete a Direct Debit Mandate which will allow TVAM to collect your joining fee (as applicable) and subsequent renewals:

  • Full IAM Advanced Rider Package @ £149
  • Existing IAM Member @ £30
  • Pre-purchased IAM Advanced Rider Package @ £0

Pursuant to the Data Protection Act 1998, TVAM is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). Members’ details are held securely on computer records in accordance with this Act. TVAM will not sell or disclose member details (including email addresses) to any third parties beyond the Institute of Advanced Motorists.