Hi everyone, time for our latest update. Our key objective is maintaining our club; listening to all the stories, seeing the testimonials on the website, and looking at the statistics shows that we are doing just fine. But what else is happening?

External awareness and marketing

Whilst personal recommendation from members will always be our most successful method of recruitment it’s important that we embrace other means. The endorsement by the Bikesafe team has proven very successful recently, particularly when TVAM members are on hand to greet the riders at the end of their Bikesafe day to explain what we do – thanks for your support on these.

We have also been focusing on the website in an effort to improve our search engine ratings. An initial draft of the revised home page content is undergoing review. Meanwhile we have a volunteer actively searching for appropriate videos and clips to help explain what we do and refresh our public face. Another volunteer is working to improve contact with one of the local councils with a view to getting websites linked to offer rider training. The IAM regional manager is supporting us with this and has agreed to lobby them directly on behalf of TVAM.

Controlling expenditure

So far, despite the networking, it seems that an alternative, local ‘Look Lean Roll’ site is not possible. We do, however, have a few more ideas, plus the promise from our local IAM manager to try to negotiate a better rate – we are a Charity after all! The digital version of Slipstream has been on offer since February, and thanks to all of you that have signed up, but two-thirds of the Club still receive the paper version, can you reduce this and help costs? All other Club expenses are being reviewed and debated.

Internal support for activities, fun and communication

As you will see from Slipstream and updates on the forums, the local groups have been very active supporting our members through meetings, rides, team days, fun days, socialising and providing bike-related advice. We are also planning to roll out a ‘Passport’ for new Associates to help track their early progress through the opportunities provided in the club. Andy and I will be reporting on the recent IAM Conference on the forum and to eGroups.

Safe riding