TVAM Taster Session

During these difficult times we’re still taking requests for our free Taster Rides.
Thinking about improving your riding? Being safer? Building confidence on your new bike? Or maybe your now commuting on a bike rather than using public transport?
Complete the form below and as soon as lockdown restrictions end we’ll be in touch so you can be taken out by one of our IMI and IAM RoadSmart qualified Observers who will give you some tips on your riding and explain the training we offer.

And best of all, it’s FREE

If you then decide to join us £149 will get you unlimited on-the-road training up to IAM RoadSmart Advanced Test standard.

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    I'm afraid that there are some Terms & Conditions:
    • Participants must hold a full license for the vehicle they intend to use for the Observed ride. This must be fully road legal including MOT (if applicable), tax and insurance.
    • The participant is at all times responsible for their own safety and legality. The TVAM Observer will give constructive feedback and tips on safety etc. The participant must not attempt or undertake any manoeuvres with which they are uncomfortable.
    • TVAM and its Observers reserve the right not to conduct a free observed ride if conditions are not appropriate or the participant's vehicle is not legal.
    • This offer is only valid for 6 months from date of issue.
    • This offer is only valid if taken within TVAM’s normal geographic area (this is roughly within the area West London to Swindon, Wantage to Winchester).

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