IAM Motorcycle Test Application

Congratulations! – you have just passed your TVAM Cross-Check and you are now ready to apply for your IAM Advanced Motorcycle test.

In order to do this, please complete the online IAM Test Application form below.

Once complete, please press ‘send’ and this will submit your Test Application by email to both the IAM and myself. At this point we are largely in the hands of the IAM and more importantly in the hands of the examiners who in the main are serving Police Officers and have to fit the IAM work in with their other duties. Ultimately though you will receive a call from an examiner to make the test appointment.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at membership@tvam.org above, or on the membership enquiry line 0118 402 4800.

Good luck with your test!

Dave Simmons
Membership Secretary


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