Dear Fellow Motorcyclist
Now that you have completed, or are just about to complete the TVAM training process, I hope that you will be able to spare 5 minutes of your time to give us some feedback. We are not professional instructors so any comments, good or bad, that will help us improve in the future would be appreciated.
1. How did you find the following aspects of TVAM's training:

a) Initial welcome to TVAM

b) Friendliness of Observers

c) Timekeeping

d) Meeting Place

e) Professionalism

2. Do you have any comments on the responses you have made above?

3. Which was your best training session? Why was it so good?

4. Which was your worst training session? Why didn't you enjoy it?

5. Which aspects of the training process did you particularly like?

6. What recommendations do you have to improve TVAM's training process?

7. Were there any inconsistencies in the training you were given? Please give details:

8. Would you be willing to help organise some events such as evening pub runs or weekend trips?

9. Would you be willing to help promote TVAM at outside promotional events or by distributing leaflets to a couple of motorcycle shops near you?

10. Do you have any specific contacts that may be helpful to TVAM, for example speakers for social evenings,Police contacts, motorcycle racers, motorcycle magazines, TV or radio contacts, manufacturers?

11. Do you have any other comments or criticisms you would like to make about TVAM?

Finally, please leave your name:

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Thank you and safe riding!
Chris Brownlee
Chief Observer