Special thanks for another great weekend, gorgeous weather, fabulous rides, great company and a lot of laughs. My second 7’w’s, and I’m sure, not the last.

Let me add my thanks to Lou, Steve, and all run leaders, adding my thanks for your ability to add in extra fuel stops for the gas guzzler.

I would just like to record my thanks to all the organizers and workers on this most fantastic 24th 7w’s weekend. It was a great success and for such a large group worked really well.

Great runs and thanks to lill-Lou for the weather. The 7W’s great ‘egg on face and Spoon race’ was well hosted by the Smiling Assassin ‘Simon’ and I am gutted by not being worthy of such recognition…yet again.

Ta Steve for tireless organization. The first official duty of our new DC went well.

Next time !!#

Just wanted to say ‘thank you’ to Lou and Steve, all the run leaders, back markers and everyone else that helped organise and run the 7W’s. There’s obviously a lot of effort goes in behind the scenes to ensure that things run so smoothly.

Another great weekend – thank you. And a special mention to Mr Watson for organising the weather!

ditto to all! Fantastic weekend. Already looking forward to the 25th!

Thirds to that, even my daughter was knackered after a weekend with the reprobates.See you in the autumn, if not before. I might even lead a run next time. Barmouth anyone?

Thanks for the spoon.

Finally, I got a taste of what 7W is all about, just a bugger it had to be on the last day. I had a fantastic day and will definitely come back. Thanks to all who made it happen and to everybody who have been looking after me.

I would like to ‘big it up’ for the excellent 24th 7W’s. Wonderful weather, wonderful company and Stalag Rad Victoria Wells just gets better and better.

Superlatives have yet to be defined that can adequately describe the 24th 7 W’s. The organisation, venue, company, wonderful roads (including those nadgery one’s on Charon’s run) were spot on and what about that weather?

Thanks to all involved; your hard work made it a huge success and I had a brilliant time.

Thanks for my spoon and your enthusiastic welcome back on Saturday (even if you were all forced into by the lovely Lou ). I certainly appreciated getting back to warmth, food, rest and good company after an interesting 3 hour ride in the dark.

I very much appreciate all the people that have picked me and my bike up and helped me with punctures over the years, and I try to do my bit for others when things go awry. It’s one of the great things about our biking community that we look after each other.

Thanks everyone for a great weekend. It’s clear that a tremendous amount of work and planning goes into the weekend and it’s very much appreciated.

Next time I will try not to go off on my own little detour. From what I hear the scenery was a lot better where you went! Still, some great roads, wonderful weather and good company . . . can it get any better? Thanks again.

I have had an amazing weekend. I have learnt a lot and feel my riding has improved, which has also boosted my confidence as well.

Thanks to Louise for three great runs. Thanks too to all the observers for their time and advice, and to all the other members offering advice and guidance.

I too had a brilliant time and a wonderful week-end in spite of my little faux pas on the bridge and Lynn I promise I do do my best not to throw my bike in front of anyone but if I am going to do in front of someone, I cannot think of a better person to do in front of than you!

However please accept my public apology for this dastardly act. ;))

Certainly will second it was a fab trip away and appreciation to all those involved with planning! Loved it.

I had a wonderful time and 3 exhilarating runs with Ian, Louise and Amanda. Thank you also to Colin and Ian for your encouraging and thoughtful instruction during my observed runs.

A great experience.

I’ve been trying to think of something clever to say in appreciation of a great weekend. All I can think of saying is THANK YOU ALL, not just the organizers but everyone involved with the runs.

Just to say that I had the most fantastic time over the weekend. I’m just so pleased I was able to come, my new bike is now fully run in and my confidence on it has been improved so much from a great three days riding. Amazing organisation, Amazing Roads, Amazing Weather.

Great weekend and even better than I was told it would be. Think I have also mastered LLR at last with thanks to some advice from Andy! Thanks to all involved,especially Louise and Steve, for making it the best ever biking experience.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, to everyone for the most brilliant weekend of biking!! I’ve throughly enjoyed my first 7W’s and am already counting the sleeps to the next one..

Just to add my tuppence and to join in with everyone’s enthusiastic applause … wonderful … and I never imagined that the second 7Ws could ever equal the first … but guess what. Many thanks to all the event organisers and their helpers … and also so very much to all the friendly people who shared a wonderful weekend.

I just wanted to add my huge THANKS to all involved in making the 7Ws such a fantastic weekend. This was my first 7Ws but certainly not my last, look forward to seeing you all for the 25th trip.

What a fabulous weekend!
Amazing weather, fabulous rides and lovely people in Gods own country.
Huge thanks to Lou and Steve for the organisation and to Steve and Ian for such brilliant runs.

At risk of sounding tediously repetitive, many thanks to all those involved who made this a great weekend. However, unlike Simon’s memorable dressing down on the first night – “you know who you are, you know what you did, enough said, don’t do it again” – I do ask for all our sakes that you DO please do it again because in my view the 7Ws weekends encapsulate all that is good at TVAM.

Memorable!!! Thank you all  …… how many sleeps is it?

I would like to add my huge thanks for another great 7W’s week-end, apologises for dumping my bike on the road on the way down on Friday. Thanks to everyone who helped put it and me the right way up to continue the journey. Looking forward to the next one, with great company.

I had a terrific weekend, met some great people and enjoyed lovely weather. Many thanks for the useful advice from observers I now have to dig out my highway code to prepare for my cross check.

Apologies to Paul for the run home, I had to turn off the A40 as I left my bum-bag at the Little Chef. I’d love to go again!

What can I say? brilliant weekend, supperb riding skills, great to watch, congrats to all, from a very appreciative associate.

Thanks for another great weekend – wonderful runs. Even better for my zero increase in the spoon count.

Just wanted to let you know that Kev and I got home okay. Thanks so much for all your input for the weekend… And Steve, Simon and front and back markers. We had a fab time… Great weather; great roads and great company.

I am proud of my wooden spoon… I wholeheartedly accept it…

Thanks again… We really did have a great time

Home safe. Thanks for everything, had a fab time.

Oy, Chris, I think you’ve got something on the bottom of your shoe.