SAM (Slough Advanced Motorcyclists)

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Team Leader: Adrian NEEDHAM

Who and why are we?

We are Slough Advanced Motorcyclists, or SAM for short, a smaller geographical group within Thames Vale Advanced Motorcyclists, or TVAM for short, which seeks to encourage all TVAM members in the Slough/Maidenhead/Bracknell area to get together to talk bikes, ride bikes, and talk rides.   Occasionally we go for a meal or a drink locally together.

The SAM team reinforces the principles of TVAM that we all aim to become a better rider, we all would like to ride more and ride together more, and anyone in TVAM should have the opportunity, on occasion, to ride with anyone else in the club.

Within SAM is a cadre of IAM Observers, SAM OBS for short, who help Associates prepare themselves to ride at the IAM test standard. The small SAM OBS cadre maintains its identity within SAM but are under the same Team Leadership.

When and Where are we?

Generally, we meet at Jenner’s Café, a wooden hut by the Thames with a big, smooth, tarmac car park. The café serves a full English breakfast at any time of the day. Our regular meetings start about 0900 hours on the FIRST SATURDAY of the month, generally after a breakfast, when a short meeting is followed by a social run. Other social runs are advertised in Slipstream and yet other events are notified to individual members of SAM through the relevant TVAM Forum. Any changes to the normal arrangements will be posted on the TVAM Calendar and the SAM Social element of the TVAM Forum.

Contact SAM

Further details are available from the Team Leader at

SAM uses the TVAM Forum as its primary method of communication within the group. If you want to see SAM information please ensure you can access the TVAM forum and see SAM under the Local Social Teams heading. Any problems – contact the Team Leader.