Class of Better Biking

If you are an Associate in your first half-a-dozen rides and you still don’t feel completely fluent in the language of TVAM, this theory and discussion hour is for you. Taking place before the main St. Crispin’s event (08:45 – 09:45) you will learn about the subtleties of the system of motorcycle control, how to make a workable riding plan and what the run report form is really telling you … and, yes, you will be able to get out for an observed ride afterwards. For information and to register a place on the next class email with “Class of Better Biking” in the subject line.

Run Leader and Back Marker Course

This course consists of a short classroom theory session followed by a short practical ride on some quiet roads. Participants will then be allocated a mentor to assist them in planning/leading and/or back marking a ride to qualify as a Run Leader/Back Marker.

Look out for the course details in Slipstream and on the TVAM website calendar.

Pillion Rider Course

TVAM’s course to help both riders and their pillion passengers achieve safer and more enjoyable riding together. It is aimed at TVAM members who have passed the IAM test and are green badge holders, together with their partners, especially those with little or no experience of riding with, or as a passenger.

The course includes both theoretical and practical sessions covering:

Legal aspects; Bike adjustments; Passenger briefing; Getting on and off; Effect on bike performance; Communication; Clothing; Do and don’ts – and more … Want some more reasons to take part?

  • Suitable for nervous or reluctant pillions …
  • More riding miles per year if your other half comes with you …
  • Easier to justify expenditure on bike if it is shared …
  • Opportunities as a couple to visit places, weekends away

– even continental touring!

Register interest as either rider, pillion, or both:

Green Team Group Riding Skills Course

Twice a year on the third Sunday in April and October, at St Crispins.

For full members – and particularly for those with recent test passes.

A theory session, starting at 10am, will be followed by small group practical sessions, finishing approx 1pm.

Come on the course so you will have the skill, knowledge and training necessary to participate in a TVAM group run safely, with an introduction to the roles of Run Leader and Back Marker.

For those who wish to progress to lead or back mark a run, we will then arrange a personal mentor for tailor-made coaching.

Need to know more? Talk to us on the Green Team welcome desk at St Crispins.

To ensure we have enough resources on the day, please book your place:

Bike Craft

The great thing about TVAM is that we get out and ride our bikes. And it’s fun.

Now we’re able to add to that great practical experience by providing an interactive theory day designed to assist all riders regardless of experience/abilities. It provides part of the Information to help make us better riders.

Have you ever wondered:

  • “What’s the best way of overtaking?”
  • “What should I be looking out for when I’m riding?” and “How can MiB help me?”
  • “How far can I lean over in the wet?”
  • “What does the System really mean and how do I get the best out of it?”

Whether you have or haven’t (we do answer other questions) you should get along to make sure your theory is up to date for the IAM test or your next Observer test.

Suitable for new Associates and as a refresher for Trainee Observers, Observers, Associates and Full Members.

Outstanding value at just £15 (includes tea & coffee, biscuits, workbook, plus electronic reference copies to take away)

Book online in the webshop or contact Di Woodcock on

Look Lean Roll

Run by a renowned team of TVAM members and observers, the aim of this half day event is to enhance cornering and bike handling skills, within a controlled, off-road, environment.

Cost is £25.

Book online in the webshop or for further details contact Jackie Reeve by email

Advanced Bike Control

Experience some advanced machine control on the runway at RAF Odiham, taking home enhanced riding skills, and the biggest grin you can squeeze into a helmet. You will need to ensure that your bike is in good condition – particularly tyres, suspension and brakes.

Cost is £25.

Book online in the webshop or for further details contact Graham Jones by email

Bike Maintenance

Have you ever had to repair a puncture at the side of the road, but called the AA instead?

Do you carry around a puncture repair kit in the hope that just by having one you won’t need it?

This is an opportunity to spend a morning in an engineering workshop in Woodcote repairing punctures, adjusting chains, changing brake pads and more.

Note you will actually be “doing”, not looking at a Powerpoint presentation.

You will learn some basic motorcycle maintenance (no stripping down of engines). We have a team of fantastic volunteers to help you learn these techniques.

Book online in the webshop or for further details contact Phil Ryan by email

Advanced Plus

Advanced riding is a volatile skill that needs continuous practise and application. For full members Advanced Plus is the logical next step along the path of improving and refreshing those pre-existing skills. TVAM encourages all its full members to undergo periodic refresher training as it helps underpin the overall high standards to which both the individual and club are proud to maintain.

To improve your riding further or check on your current skill levels apply for an Advanced Plus session.

  • Advanced Plus is not a pass/fail test but a superb opportunity to ride with an experienced Observer who will create a tailor made course to meet your needs – and it’s free.
  • Invariably involves going out for the day with another rider of similar riding and bike style.
  • Please allow at least 3 months after passing your advanced test before applying. Thereafter, you may do more as you feel the need but common sense will dictate a sensible interval to consolidate before the next one.

For more information contact the EAR coordinator by e-mail at:

First Aid and Accident Scene Management for Bikers

Biker Down – aimed at motorcyclists of all ages and experience. This free scheme run by the local Fire & Rescue Service, offers the chance to learn practical skills to help avoid being involved in a crash, as well as essential first-aid training and advice on what to do should they find themselves first on the scene of a crash where someone is injured. Initial courses are being held at Marlow Fire Station. Look out for more information on courses in the future.

More details: