I had a wonderful weekend. Thank you to you and your team.

I had three fantastic rides all in the dry, plenty of very helpful advice and lots of fun.

Thank you very much.

See you on Sunday

John D

Dear Steve,That was a glorious weekend.I had forgotten to pay for 1 DL hot chocolate, £2.80, for which I sent a cheque to the manager on Sunday, so I hope there is not a duplicate payment.

I must forget at least 1 item a month or my bus pass will be rescinded.

Steve L

Lou Says

Damn, there goes our reputation. Mind you Steve, better than leaving your false teeth in the cafe (you know who you are).

I was a bit apprehensive about going on 7ws the first time.. I hadn’t been in TVAM that long, didn’t know anyone apart from my observer, wasn’t sure if my riding would be up to it.. all that stuff.. .. SO glad i went! Met lovely people and had such a laugh, and the riding was fabulous.. what a great experience! Been back every time since.. (and its not just cos I’m Welsh and have a homing instinct!) Cant recommend it highly enough to any associates.. get your name down now!