TVAM Forum for Dummies: #1 The Basics


TVAM Forum for Dummies - TableThe website is built on an industry-leading platform that allows multiple users to manage the content, while offering our registered members access to additional pages including online Slipstream, Calendar details, WebShop and Contacts.

At present, this platform does not offer Forum functionality, so we have had to install a separate application. These two applications are not synchronised, so a separate login is required for each. Luckily, we have arranged it so that you have the same username on both.

If you are reading this on the website then you have made it this far! Even better if you’ve come via the “Help” section of the Forum.

TVAM Forum for Dummies - BlokeIf you’ve not tried the Forum yet, go to You will have received an email with your login details – this will comprise your username (same as the one you used on here) and a default password. Passwords are encrypted on this site so we can’t transfer them at the same time (we can’t read them!). Please change your password when you first log on.

One thing to note: a forum is a web application that arranges posts or messages in a tree structure, categorises them and manages users. It is very different from a message board such as the various Yahoo! groups that are still used by some members.

Over the next few months and in the following pages we will explore how you find your way around, post messages, join local groups, follow and reply to threads, post photos, add an avatar and more.

Please note that subsequent “Dummies” pages are restricted to TVAM members only – you will need to register and login to see them.